• A Sinister Gift

    Title: A Sinister Gift: Elenora Bello Mystery Book 1
    Series: Elenora Bello Paranormal Mysteries #1
    Release Date: September 30th, 2021
    Pages: 376

    First-time pregnancy? Check.
    First-time premonition? Check.
    First time dealing with an immortal killer? In progress...

    Montréal, present day. When police social worker Elenora Bello becomes pregnant, her life takes a sharp turn for the bizarre as she starts having insights into a case assigned to her detective husband and foresees the death of a plastic surgeon gone missing.

    The nightmarish visions are just the beginning, and it soon becomes clear that Elenora’s newfound power is the only thing that can help stop a centuries-old murderer.

    Montréal, 1847. Rolland Carmichael is a penniless but dashing young man who charmed and grifted his way into the salons of high society. When a savage beating takes away his good looks, his livelihood, and the love of his life, Rolland withdraws into the shadows. Darkness grows inside of him, pushing him to kill. And he’s set to fly under the radar for all of eternity.

    That is until Elenora sees him.

    And he sees her back...


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  • Trapped Souls

    Title: Trapped Souls
    Series: Elenora Bello Paranormal Mysteries #2
    Published by: Demiurge Underground
    Release Date: 2022
    ISBN13: 978-1-9994431-5-3
    ASIN: B09F72G59N

    A maternity leave cut short by a supernatural murder? Check.
    Three death-obsessed, departed suspects? Check.
    Juggling a vengeful spirit and a teething baby? In progress...

    Psychic social worker Elenora Bello recently gave birth and helped vanquish the nefarious spirit of a centuries-old killer. Now, all she wants to do is enjoy her baby girl and catch up on much-needed sleep, without soul-crushing premonitions or murderers. Is that really so much to ask?

    Apparently, yes.

    When a construction worker suspiciously dies while renovating a condemned Victorian house, Elenora is called in to read the place, which is rumored to be haunted.

    By digging into the house’s previous owners—among which are a satanic cult leader, a medium, and a post-mortem photographer—Elenora must figure out what happened in the heavily-wallpapered mansion before the malevolent ghost takes another life.

    Trapped Souls is the second paranormal mystery in a series following a forty-year-old psychic heroine hell-bent on helping the supernaturally afflicted. If you love spirits, witches, and things that are not what they seem, then this is for you.

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